more about me
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thats me
thats me

I’m a filmmaker.

Currently I’m developing a number of projects including feature length screenplays. You can see some of my work on Vimeo and Youtube.


I’m a musician.

I have fairly eclectic tastes ranging from ‘world‘ type music to more classical and acoustic rock sounds. I made this ambient jazz type track ‘Electric Universe‘ with a computer and a guitar. I also have a side project I call Lodef. This includes all my whacky dance music, remix and multimedia stuff. Lots more on that soon including original releases and music videos.


I’m a photographer.

I started taking pictures to explore ideas related to filmmaking. I see photography as a form of short story telling but also as pure visual art. A variety of my stuff can be seen on Flickr.


feel free to contact me : emaildanielhicks at gmail

A quick snap shot of the lives of birds early one morning at Pizza Corner in Halifax. A short experiment I thought worked out well. I added some orchestral accompaniment to augment the mini-dramas that were taking place among the birds.

↓ lots more stuff here