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LODEF is music and video.

‘They Live’ is a cult classic from one of my fave filmmakers John Carpenter. Like myself, he is also a musician and has made the soundtracks for most of his own movies. So as an ode to him I updated the soundtrack for this fan trailer with some eighties-esque synths fused with some more modern style movie music.

Demo for a track I call ‘Lofi’. Its a bit of oldschool electro hiphop fused with modern techno sounds. I’m currently working on a video for it. Lots more tracks where this came from.

I’ve made a few fan trailers mostly for fun but also to maybe convince a few more people to check out the movie. Its a great way to improve my movie making skills; for this ‘Reservoir Dogs‘ trailer I produced some original music that I felt augmented the tone and style of the picture.

This video is made from every single onomatopoeia from the original Batman TV show. It includes a remix I made of the theme song and is intended to help preserve this collection of vintage graphic design.

I’ve always loved the ‘Knight Rider’ theme music so I made a technofied remix and added some video from the intro to the iconic show. This was an editing experiment and included some video post-processing.

There are lots more videos on the LODEF Youtube channel.