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LODEF is music and video.

A demo for a track I call ‘Lofi’. A a bit of a fusion between the oldschool electro hiphop of the 80s and modern techno sounds. I’ll probably make a video for it as well. Lots more tracks where this came from.

I’ve made a few fan trailers for fun but also for editing practice. I’ve found it a great way to improve my movie making skills including how to sell and market a picture and understanding the nuts and bolts of telling a story. For this ‘Reservoir Dogs’ trailer I made some original music. Currently I am working on one for John Carpenter’s cult classic ‘They Live’ which will also include some original movie style music.

This video is made from every single onomatopoeia from the original Batman TV show. My most popular video yet. It includes a remix I made of the original theme and is intended to help preserve this collection of vintage graphic design.

I’ve always loved the ‘Knight Rider’ theme music so I made a technofied remix and added some video from the intro to the iconic show. This was an editing experiment and included some video post-processing.

There are lots more videos on the LODEF Youtube channel. Check it out!