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LODEF is music and video.

smoke and mirrors by Daniel Hicks

A concept image for a larger project code named ‘smoke and mirrors’. I used Cinema 4D and After Effects. For a better look at some of my works in progress check out my Instagram thingy.

Number 7 from the Nine Inch Nails ‘Ghosts’ albums, deconstructed and remixed by Lodef.

I have been experimenting with audio visualizers for my music. This is also a musical and audio branding experiment for Lodef.

This is my latest attempt at movie music. Largely inspired by Jerry Goldsmith’s original score (the featured melody is ‘The Mountain’ from the OST), I went for something big and dramatic, some action, some mystery. This was also another project to sharpen my editing skillz.

‘They Live’ is a cult classic from one of my fave filmmakers John Carpenter. Like myself, he is also a musician and has made the soundtracks for most of his own movies. So as an ode to him I updated the soundtrack for this fan trailer with some eighties-esque synths fused with some more modern style movie music.

I’ve always loved the ‘Knight Rider’ theme music so I made a technofied remix and added some video from the intro to the iconic show. This was an editing experiment and included some video post-processing.

There is lots more stuff on the LODEF Youtube channel.