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I am a musician

‘Bad Vibes’ is some sort of a fusion between bossa nova, 60s psychedelic, surf and rock. I was thinking of all the great music made by David Holmes for the Ocean’s 11-13 movies plus many of the exotica and rock artists of the 60s. I wanted it to have a lot of atmosphere, as the name implies, bad vibes are lurking. A big swinging crime number.

bossa nova /rockĀ  – electric guitar, brass

‘Without Words’ was a short piece of music I wrote originally for just for acoustic guitar but it eventually grew into a small orchestra. I thought I might include some vocal elements but I eventually gave up and decided to try and say something instead using only instruments; an instrumental without words.


folk – acoustic guitar, orchestra

‘Electric Universe’ is a chilled out ambient jazz type of thing I made using a computer and a guitar.


ambient jazz – electric guitar, electric keyboard

I made this using a voice synth and piano. It is following in the theme of ‘Electric Universe’ and will be released officially along with it.


ambient – piano, vocal synth

This is a piece of music I wrote featuring piano with some string accompaniment.


At a young age I figured out that if I used only the black keys on a piano, it sounds pretty good no matter what I played. So I wrote a simplistic melody that I have remembered ever since. Recently I decided to update what I started and it became ‘Piano Piece’. It is more sophisticated than what I made all those years ago but the original melody is still there in the first 16 bars.


classical – piano, strings

A short documentary experiment I thought worked out well. I added some orchestral accompaniment to augment the mini-dramas that were taking place among the birds.


cinematic score – strings, orchestra