Bad Vibes
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As good as it looks, ‘Bad Vibes’ is not a real film and Garfeild Romero is not a real filmmaker/producer/actor. It is a piece of music I made that started with a little bossa nova style guitar part. While producing it I began to think of it as the theme music for a movie. A movie that didn’t exist.


At first I thought of this fictional flick as some sort of a clandestine heist movie or maybe something James Bond-y with double agents and femme fatales. Then I made a swirly psychedelic animation for it and began thinking of it as having something to do with hippies. The music already had a 60s sound so it became ‘Bad Vibes’ the hippysploitation movie.


What’s it about? A rebel commune of surfing hippies conspire to raid a genetics testing lab, free the test monkeys and turn it into a huge acid factory but are infiltrated by undercover, tough guy cop as played by Garfield Romero… or something.


‘Bad Vibes’ is my first release on Bandcamp with many more to come. It includes elements of jazz and surf and rock and latin styles. The focus is on the guitar however its the brass that makes it come alive for me. A dubbed out section and a screaming electric solo finishes it off.

More of my music can heard and seen here and here.